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Bohlke Showroom Table

We proudly present our most recent project, a table designed and built as a showpiece for M. Bohlke Veneer Corp, our wood supplier. While this table is physically smaller than some of our other slab tables, it has a presence that fills any space. The table top is from a slab of Monkey Pod. The naturally gorgeous grain of the wood is amplified by a tung oil finish. The lines of the steel base mimic the flowing grain of the wood.

Maxim conference table

This conference table was built for Maxim Crane Works' headquarters in Wilder, Kentucky. At 17 feet long this is the largest table we've built. The tabletop is made of Sapele Mahogany surrounded by Fumed Eucalyptus. The base is made out of pieces of actual cranes we got from Maxim's scrap yard.

Singapore 1 Dining table

This Monkey Pod / Rain Tree Dining Table represents our first international order. A 14 foot slab of Monkey Pod rests on a custom designed flared leg steel base.

11th St. Railing

Our first railing project, this one is made of steel with a red oak handrail. Details from the mantle were taken and incorporated into the design to make this modern railing fit into an older home.

Purple Heart Mantle

This free standing mantle is made out of purple heart to match the decor of the client's home. The client provided the design for this piece.

Carrico Table

The Carrico Dining Table features a height adjustable, personalized base, and a tabletop made from reclaimed white oak flooring from a Jim Beam barrel house.