Our Philosophy

What makes us different from other furnitunishing designers and fabricators, is our desire to create a collaborative process.

Everything in your home or business was built collaboratively between you and a builder, why shouldn't the furnishings, in your home or business, follow the same process? Each piece is a completely custom build, brought to life by your unique tastes. No two pieces we build will ever be the same.

Our Process

1.) Assessment

Regardless of whether this is a residential or commercial project, we always start with you. The client always has ideas, inspiration images, a pintrest page, CAD renderings, sketches, or drawings on a bar napkin. We start there.

Once we have an understanding of your project, the materials, and timeline, we begin to develop a budget and a deposit is taken, to start formal design, material purchases, etc. 

2.) Build Reviews

The project begins. As the build progresses, unlike most manufacturers, we survey our clients and keep them in the loop with every single design choice and every single step of the process.  Much like the small decisions that are made during a home construction project, the little things matter. Typically when we buy finished pieces of furniture we don't think about the small details that create the final product. We make you aware of those nuances and explain the potential pro's and con's of those decisions, so that you can make an informed decision.  CAD/CAM Renderings and drawings can be provided as needed. 

For us, we like to design throughout the process. We may start with a good idea of how we are going to build something and how it is going to be executed. However, all too often, once we procure materials or begin mocking up a design, new ideas come to light, or we see things in the materials that lead us in a better design direction. 

3.) Completion, Delivery, and, Installation

Upon build completion and a customer approval, final payment is made. And then delivery and installation options are arranged.

Single Batch Designs works with several shipping and freight companies and will always seek out the best rates. So far, we have shipped large pieces of furniture to over a dozen US States, and also to Singapore. 

Thank you,

Single Batch Team