We are always on the look out for new team members. All of us have unique and distinct backgrounds. As a result, there is not a specific type of person or background we are looking for, instead rather, we are looking for character traits. One thing that should be said, we dont offer design only positions. If you design it, you'll be expected to build it. If you build it, you'll be expected to maintain and organize the space around you and work with others to do so. 


* Hard working

*Consistent work ethic

*Strong communication skills 

* Positive attitude

*Engaged and interested in what we do

*Has a strong desire to produce high quality work

*No ego/attitude

*Someone interested in growing with us and our business

*Someone who builds/creates with passion


If you are interested in working for us please provide the following to Contact@singlebatchdesigns.com

Brief background

What and/or how you are interested in contributing 

Pay requirements/expectations


Why you are interested in working with us


Thank you,

Single Batch Designs Team